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TDS Group partners with Proptechs to bring new innovations to our customers. If you’re interested in finding out more about our activity with Proptechs or would like to discuss the potential of working together, please contact us using the form here. One of the team will get back to you shortly.

Inventory Solutions


TDS has long recognised the importance of an accurate and comprehensive inventory to minimise the number of tenancy deposit disputes. It is also very important that tenants are able to review and comment on the inventory and for these comments to be recorded. 

We work closely with Inventory Hive an industry-leading provider of inventory software, to ensure that inventory clerks, letting agents and landlords have access to an easy-to-use software solution that, if used properly, should reduce tenancy deposit disputes.

End of Tenancy Solutions


We encourage landlords and letting agents to stay in touch with tenants throughout the end of the tenancy period; reminding tenants to pay the last month’s rent, to clean the property, repair any damage and sort out the garden.

That’s why we are working closely with The Depositary. This innovative software application helps landlords and letting agents to better manage the end of tenancy process. We’ve integrated some of The Depositary’s process into our tenancy deposit software, as we know that this solution will lead to fewer disputes for us to handle.



TDS Group recognises the need to raise standards for tenants. We work closely with OpenBrix, an industry leading property platform provider, to develop and provide a multi-functional tenant app, tlyfe, to tenants. Alongside a range of features, TDS tenants can view and manage their deposits within the app free of charge anytime, anywhere.

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