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Our TDS Group leadership team and their areas of expertise

Group Chief Executive

Steve Harriott has been the CEO at The Dispute Service since 2010.  He has a background in social housing and was Chair and Vice Chair at the Waterways Ombudsman.

New Homes Ombudsman

Alison MacDougall is the New Homes Ombudsman.

Deputy CEO [Resources]

Nick Hankey is the Deputy Chief Executive and is responsible for finance and compliance. He is also the Group MD Scotland and has the lead responsibility for SafeDeposits Scotland and the SafeDeposits Charitable Trust.

Chief Operating Officer

Neil Peers is responsible for co-ordinating the work of our key operational teams [Customer Operations, Resolution Operations, Adjudication, Sales and Client Success, Marketing and TDS Northern Ireland]

Human Resources Director

Josanne Leon is the HR Director and is also the lead officer for the TDS Charitable Foundation.

Technology Director

Alex Hillier is the Group Technology Director and is responsible for the tenancy deposit and dispute resolution platforms, data and security.

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