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We work closely with a number of organisations to help make life easier for consumers and business.

Tenancy solutions

We work closely with Inventory Hive to promote the wider use of inventories in the private rented sector as we know that these help to minimise disputes over the condition and cleanliness of properties at the end of the tenancy.

We have an integration into our deposit protection platforms with The Depositary which has developed an end of tenancy solution to help reduce disputes between tenants and landlords.

The law on private renting and deposits is complex and we have teamed up with Complylex to provide letting agents and landlords with easy to access information on property related legislation and regulations relating to the private rented sector.

New Homes Quality Board

We are working closely with the New Homes Quality Board who are the owners of the New Homes Quality ode which sets out standards to which developers of new homes should comply.

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