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TDS Resolution Case Study: Helping to maintain a tenancy for Ukrainian refugee

TDS Resolution is a free mediation service that aims to facilitate dispute resolution. Not to be confused with the adjudication service offered to resolve end-of-tenancy deposit disputes, TDS Resolution focuses on disagreements that occur during a tenancy, which as many agents and landlords will be aware, can cause costly delays and time-consuming disagreements. Here we look at a case study involving rent arrears.

Tenancy dispute resolution service case study

The landlord approached TDS Resolution due to the tenant falling into over £6,000.00 of arrears. The tenant, a Ukrainian international, had been adversely affected by the war with family in need of support.

The landlord came to mediation with an open mind. He needed an agreement in place to ensure consistency with payments, as well as an improvement in communication between the parties.

The mediation session

The session took around two hours. Both parties were keen to resolve the dispute in good faith. The mediator took on a facilitator role to ensure parties remained on the right track and focused on the task at hand.

The session was held via Microsoft teams in a three-way video call. Each party made their representations and expressed their desired outcomes from the session.

The landlord wanted a repayment plan in place to ensure consistent payments were being made, communication between the parties to improve and for the tenant to provide the necessary information for right to rent checks for the tenant and the tenant’s family.

The compromise agreement

After discussions, parties came to a compromise.

  • The tenant would pay a set amount on a set date each month. This included the current rent due and a contribution towards clearing the arrears.

  • The tenant agreed to set up a standing order to make the relevant payments.

  • The tenant agreed to inform the landlord if for any reason, payments would not be made or would be made late.

  • The tenant agreed to provide the necessary information so that the landlord could carry out right to rent checks for all relevant parties by a specified date.

  • The landlord agreed to allow the tenant to remain in the property and for the tenant’s family to move into the property from the tenant’s home nation of Ukraine.

The parties agreed to the compromise resulting in a successful mediation and a mutual understanding.

Are you experiencing a mid-tenancy dispute?

We’re here to help.

TDS Resolution is a free, impartial property mediation service dealing with mid tenancy disputes. To find out more, visit our webpage and request a call back. Our friendly team will contact you for a confidential chat.

Interested in finding out more about TDS? Join today or contact our switch team to see how easy it is to switch!


George Chrysanthou

Executive Assistant & TDS Resolution Coordinator

George joined Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) in June 2019 as a Customer Service Advisor. Soon after, George was promoted to work closely with CEO Steve Harriott as his Executive Assistant. Since then, George has been involved in a number of new initiatives in bid to raise standards in the Private Rented Sector. Notably, In July 2020, TDS Resolution was launched. George acted as lead on the service, undertaking cases and being responsible for its daily running. TDS Resolution was extended on the 1st of April 2021 in association with the NRLA where George took on the role as Coordinator. George studied Law and Criminology at university prior to undertaking the Bar Professional Training Course and successfully getting Called to the Bar of England and Wales.


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