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Our confidential mediation service aims to facilitate a satisfactory agreement to help sustain tenancies

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What is TDS Resolution?

Owned and operated by The Dispute Service Limited, TDS Resolution is a conciliation/mediation service that aims to facilitate a satisfactory resolution between landlords and tenants without the need for further action.

TDS Resolution is now open to TDS member letting agents (with the consent of the landlord) that can contact us during the course of an ongoing tenancy for us to facilitate mediation or conciliation.

Our service is free and confidential. We are able to assist in the following types of issues/disputes:

  • Property standards

  • Repairs

  • Entry rights

  • Rent arrears

  • Threatened evictions

  • Breach of tenancy terms

  • Noise/Anti-social behaviour (except serious anti-social activity)

Our aim is to secure mutually acceptable agreements between landlords and tenants to allow tenancies to be sustained.

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About Resolution

What we CANNOT deal with:

  • Evictions

  • Legal advice

  • End of tenancy disputes

  • Deposit issues

This service is NOT suitable for dealing with issues after the tenancy has ended, including disputes about the return of a deposit. TDS Resolution is also unable to assist with or provide legal advice on the eviction process.


For all deposit enquiries, please contact Tenancy Deposit Scheme directly:

Main number (TDS Insured): 0300 037 1000

Main number (TDS Custodial): 0300 037 1001

What is Conciliation/Mediation?

Conciliation and mediation involve an independent third party bringing two parties together to reach a compromise.


A conciliator tends to play a more active role in making proposals about the settlement of the dispute. In either case, the third party’s role is to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable solution – the conciliator or mediator will not impose an outcome.

How the service works

How does it work?

Contact TDS Resolution directly by filling out our interactive form

Only complete for mid-term issues. For end of tenancy disputes click here. TDS Resolution will be in touch with you within 5 working days.


TDS Resolution will contact the other party to request consent

We will then contact the second party within 5 working days to ask for their consent to get involved.


Meeting will be scheduled with the Conciliator

Providing the other party consents, we will try to resolve the matter by talking to both parties separately in the first instance. If suitable, a group session with both parties present can be organised with the mediator. The mediation usually takes place within 10 working days.


Resolution agreement sent to both parties

If a solution is reached, a written agreement will be sent to both parties within 2 working days.

Hear what our customers have to say

Big thank you to the TDS Resolution Team for the help and advice. With so many new rules and regulations, Covid etc. the TDS Team negotiated the best possible options for the tenant and myself.

Steve, Landlord

Why useTDS?

Why use TDS Resolution?

TDS is best known as a deposit protection scheme, however our staff are highly skilled at resolving disputes between landlords and tenants during the course of a tenancy via mediation or conciliation.


We are impartial and it’s our role to help you find a mutually acceptable solution to your problem. All discussions between the parties will be confidential.

TDS is a Complaint Handler member of the Ombudsman Association. 

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Please complete our interactive Resolution Referral Form below
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