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How TDS Resolution property mediation helped to keep tenants’ restaurant in business

TDS Resolution is a free, impartial mediation/conciliation service that aims to facilitate agreements for landlords and tenants to help sustain tenancies. The purpose of the service is to deal with residential lettings.

However, on this occasion, we helped a landlord and tenant come to an amicable agreement to sustain a commercial let.

A Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) landlord approached TDS Resolution for help with a dispute concerning rent arrears on a commercial property. The tenant had a restaurant that had suffered financial hardship as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic.

In order to help, the landlord had agreed for the tenant to pay half of the rent for a specified time period. The tenant continued to pay half of the rent, but beyond the agreed deadline. The landlord needed the tenant to start paying the original rent agreed upon.

The landlord had also suffered a difficult time, with a bereavement within the family and needed the tenant to engage with TDS Resolution, in order for the lease agreement to be revised.

The property mediation session

Both parties came to the session intending to come to a resolution. The mediator guided the negotiation and assisted the parties in coming to an amicable compromise.

The parties agreed that:

  1. The tenant would pay full rent from December 2022, a few months after the session, making payments quarterly in line with the terms of the lease agreement.

  2. The tenant would engage with the landlord so the lease agreement could be revised.

  3. The landlord agreed to leave the remaining terms and conditions of the lease agreement unchanged.

Both parties agreed to the above compromise and the mid tenancy dispute was brought to a close, drawing a line under the issues raised and allowing the tenancy to continue.

Are you experiencing a mid-tenancy dispute? We’re here to help.

TDS Resolution is a free, impartial property mediation service dealing with mid tenancy disputes. To find out more, visit our webpage and request a call back. Our friendly team will contact you for a confidential chat.

Do you have any deposits to protect? Join the only not-for-profit Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) today and benefit from our mid-tenancy mediation, alongside a host of other free services.


Sanam Khan

Sanam joined TDS in July 2015 as a case worker and with time, progressed to Head of Resolution Operations. Sanam oversees all operational matters relating to Resolution across the various schemes operated by The Dispute Service.

Prior to joining TDS, Sanam studied Law at University prior to undertaking the Legal Practise Course, and is currently applying to be a magistrate which she intends to carry out alongside her current role.


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