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How to approach landlord and tenant mediation with TDS Resolution

In this TDS Resolution blog, we will be covering the most effective ways to approach landlord and tenant mediation and what to expect from the process.

What is mediation?

An obvious question, perhaps, but important if you have never heard or considered the prospect of resolving a dispute through a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Mediation in a nutshell involves bringing two parties together who have a dispute, with a third-party present who is skilled at resolving conflict, such as TDS Resolution, and helping them to find a mutually acceptable agreement.

Top tips for a successful mediation

Having experienced professionals to mediate is key, but, the role of the parties in dispute should not be underestimated. COVID-19 has made this even more tricky. Meeting in person isn’t always an option so these tips will be based on telephone mediation.

Parties involved are encouraged to:

  • Be open and flexible during the process (mediation is confidential and sharing financial and other information can be key)

  • Be willing to work closely with the mediator

  • Be clear as to what your desired outcome from the process is

  • Be prepared to make concessions (remember, mediation is essentially an assisted negotiation, you might not get exactly what you want but the outcome will be fair on both parties)

  • Be available. At times mediation, especially over the phone can mean the mediator talking to each party individually. (Arrange with your mediator a suitable time to talk and stick to it)

What to expect from a mediator

As stated above, mediators are skilled at helping parties to resolve conflict. As a result, for a mediator to do the best job they can, there are a few things to expect. These include:

  • Questions about you and your situation

  • Impartiality

  • Knowledge of the process

How to get started

If a landlord and tenant mediation session sounds like something you would like to try, TDS Resolution is an option available to you.

TDS Resolution launched in July 2020 and currently focuses on helping parties to agree suitable rent arrears repayment plans where tenants have fallen into arrears. Want to know more about us and the service we offer? Fill out the form below; our team are here to help.


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