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What is TDS Resolution? Exploring The Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service from the TDS Group

If you are a landlord, agent, or tenant, you may have encountered various challenges during your tenancy term that have resulted in disagreements with the other party. These disputes can range from issues with rent arrears to disagreements over property conditions. But how can mid-tenancy disputes be resolved without damaging relationships or even causing early termination of a tenancy?


That’s where TDS Resolution comes in.

TDS Resolution is a free tenancy dispute resolution service that aims to facilitate an agreement between the parties, to help sustain tenancies and avoid the need for formal legal action. It acts as a neutral third party, providing a fair and unbiased assessment of the situation.

It can assist in the following types of mid tenancy disputes:

  • Property standards

  • Repairs

  • Entry rights

  • Rent arrears

  • Threatened evictions

  • Breach of tenancy terms

  • Noise/Anti-social behaviour (except serious anti-social activity)



This service is not suitable for dealing with issues after the tenancy has ended, including disputes about the return of a deposit. TDS Resolution is also unable to assist with or provide legal advice on the eviction process.


Why use a mid tenancy dispute resolution service?

Using TDS Resolution can offer several benefits for landlords, agents, and tenants.

Firstly, it can help preserve the landlord-tenant relationship by providing an impartial platform for resolving conflicts. By involving an unbiased TDS mediator, you can avoid the burden of resolving disputes alone, the mediator can facilitate open communication and help the parties find mutually acceptable solutions.  

Additionally, using a mid-tenancy dispute resolution service can ensure that the dispute resolution process complies with legal requirements, and provides you with a formal and documented agreement that both parties must agree to. This helps reduce ambiguity and potential misunderstandings in the future.


How TDS Resolution Works


TDS Resolution offers a mid tenancy dispute resolution process, involving four straightforward steps. First, either the landlord, agent or tenant completes a Resolution Referral Form. Next, TDS Resolution contacts the other party within 5 working days to assess the case. If both parties consent to engage in the mediation process, a resolution meeting with a mediator is arranged, which may be conducted online or by telephone.

The mediator's role is to facilitate an agreement, and any resulting agreements are subsequently confirmed in writing to both the tenant and agent/landlord. This process is designed to help sustain tenancies and resolve disputes effectively, reflecting the TDS Resolution's commitment to impartial and professional mediation services.

TDS Resolution is a valuable tenancy dispute resolution service that benefits landlords, agents, and tenants. By providing a fair and impartial assessment of disputes, TDS Resolution helps to prevent costly legal battles and maintain positive relationships.


Are you experiencing a mid-tenancy dispute?

We’re here to help.

To find out more about TDS Resolution, visit our webpage. Ready to start the process? please complete our interactive TDS Resolution Referral Form here.


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